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Campaign List Form

This is the campaign form you get after you set up a new list and choose "Add Subscribers Box on a Web Page". Or from the Modules Menu > Campaigns > Campaign List Subscription Form. To turn the captch off go to: Site Settings > Captcha > Enforce captcha validation for Campaign Sign Up, and un-check the box. You will then need to re-insert the form onto the page.

Custom Web form with Newsletter List

This form was created in the Web Forms tab in Site Settings. The only information it collects is the First/Last Name, Email Address and Check Box for Email Newsletter campaign. It has been customized to be first/last name anonymous and automaticly signs the user up to the list. This is done by hiding the first/last name and campaign check box fields; setting the first name to "No", the last name to "Name", and the check box to checked="checked". The form's action has been modified to include "&OPTIN=true" so the user does not get an email to confirm he/she wants to be in the newsletter email list. One benefit from this is that this form will create a case and the Campaign List Form will not. So running reports is much easier with a custom form. You can go into the web forms and reset this form if you want to capture the first and last name.

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